would the world stop spinning
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2004-02-20 08:11:22 (UTC)

maybe i'm better off without you

things are starting to look up...
ali and i hadda talk tonight on the phone about what we are
going to do,i think she wants to be with me and doesn't
know how to ask or is to scared or something, cuz she asks
what i want and how i feel so i tell her..but she hardly
can talk about how she feels,and she'll be like this is
kinda the point where we need to sit and talk, we are bout
aware there is something going on with us. lol... she's
such a cute hippy. i think i'm staring out this strange
window in my life..i've finally learned how to get into
things with people, and not have any walls up and say how i
feel and be totally free about it,feeling like whatever
happens,happens. that doens't really mean i'm ready to get
itno a big relationship right now. i would have to get into
something really slowly,and i'm not sure that i'm wanting
anything at all right now. i'm finally starting to get ok
in my own skin again....and it's beautiful. this is the
first time in like 3 years,i've felt kinda ok in my own
skin..i'm kinda happy being alone right now.
i do like being with ali tho...her kissed drive me mad...
her mind drives me mad...all of it,deffinatly the most
passionate person........god damn hippies tend to be like
this with me,maybe this is why i used to not like em, i
knew they were trouble.
ha, and why is it the two hippy girls i know, not only two
of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen, swear on
everything that they are NOT hippies, YES YOU ARE!