Thoughts of His girl
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2004-02-20 08:05:22 (UTC)

I Miss You

Today seems so long. I was logged in GCN and MSN all day
just incase you came online. After that phone call last
night and you just poofing I am so worried about you . I
dolove you very much and hate not being able to help you .
I wish ... I wish I was there to hold you . I know it
wouldnt help much but .. its all I can offer you is that
and my love.

Today I fought with my freind Tybalt about Michael the one
I blocked yesterday(lol ) So I blocked him too. I am so
not in the mood to deal with bull shit. fuck it !He called
me a spoiled mouthy brat(shrugs).

I made tons of fried cajun chicken, mashed potatoes,
gravy, corn , homemade biscuits, and deviled eggs for
dinner then baked a cake . Yep, I was bored and worried so
kept myself busy with cooking(lol).

I hope to see you soon . I do love you so very much . I
wonder if i cross your mind. I hope so .

Its midnight here so I think I should try and sleep I have
rambled enough.

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