my many moods
2004-02-20 03:34:34 (UTC)

Im trying to help

Yesterday i found out that my brother smokes pot at least
did(dont know how long he hasnt) It hurts me to know that
he would lie to me about things such as these. He also
told me that he doesnt smoke cigerets well thats a lie
too. He is constantly lieing to everyone even his
friends. Im tired of trying to help him. When ever i try
to talk to him he tlls me to shut up and then he says when
ever he brings ne thing up no one wants to talk about it
how am i supposed to talk about it if he is telling me to
not talk to him? What am i supposed to do? I cant just
sit aside and watch him ruin his life. His girlfriend
doesnt make it ne better she smokes and we used to be
friends but not ne more (long story) its not like im
against the smoking thing it the fact that i dont want my
brother to do somehthing... i dont know what i feel about
it right now, thats not even the point. The point is that
my brother keeps pushing me away and when ever he gets a
girlfriend he pushs harder to the extent that i dont even
exist. What should i do, some one help me...and dont tell
me to get over it becuz i cant.