goddess of imaginary light
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2004-02-20 00:14:35 (UTC)

who knew where to look

sometimes i dont even realize what i have in front of me
today has been a shitty day, and for no apparent reason.
i had my stat and span test, all went well...
but i just was tired, not from lack of sleep, from life
i saw my friend tyler on the way to spanish and he said big deal, the usual...
after i got home i found a message on aol asking if i was
ok, that i looked sad..
and i teared up to think that he was worried, hoping i was
ok. in this world where you feel alone at times i realized
what a great friend he is...someone does care about me
even tho he likes to tease me all the time im really glad
that i met him
so afterwards i had a huge talk with my mom about
everything thats been goin on in my life
Brandon, class, just everything and anything...
ive been depressed lately...
but tyler caring made it alot better
im glad hes in my life

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