No time for love Dr. Jones
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2004-02-19 22:50:27 (UTC)

Well it's fine, hey no I don't mind, I can find nothing wrong with it

I’ve finally cracked the shits with work. Yesterday I
happened upon an email that Brian (the boss) had printed
out. It was a conversation between him and his employment
agency and he was letting the other person know how much he
was willing to pay a new truck driver he was about to
employ. The thing that pisses me off is that this new truck
driver will be earning almost $5K a year more than me! It’s
nice to know how much I’m worth to the company.

I’ve never had a beef with my pay rate before this, but a
few days ago I also found out that the ‘useless installers’
(as Brian calls them almost every day) are also earning
more than me.

So after chatting with Belinda about this, I’ve decided on
the following course of action…

1)I’m going to go ask Frank (effectively the 2.I.C of the
company) for a reference under the pretence of ‘beefing up
my resume’ (no, it hasn’t escaped my notice that this is
the second time I’ve used the word ‘beef’ in this entry)

2)Later next week I’m going to ask Frank for an afternoon
off to attend to some ‘personal business’

Now Frank being Frank, is a bit of a gossip and I don’t
expect that it will take too much time for him to put 2 and
2 together and start talking to other people. It may seem a
bit melodramatic, but at the moment if all this is good for
is to get me a cheap laugh, then that’s fine with me.
Hopefully I might get a pay raise though.

Yeah, that’d be nice.

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