What the Fuck
2004-02-19 20:49:34 (UTC)

this sux

ok i know i've already told ya'll this but my friend is in
an abusive relationship and apparently she doesn't know it
but everybody around her can see it-ok her b/f was mad at
her today for god knows what reason and she was all upset
about it and the ppl at r lunch table kept tellin her to
break up with him b/c he's a loser-well she won't listen to
nebody ok i've told her and now everybody at r lunch table
has told her to dump him-she has been goin out with him for
over a yr and he's been doin this since the beginning and
at first i was like maybe he'll be different b/c this is
his fisrt g/f-well i was wrong he's gotten worse and i've
been tellin her to break up with him ever since fall and
she wil not listen to me and she's goin to wind up gettin
hurt which is all her fault b/c i have done everything
possible to try and help her and she just won't listen to
me-well today i told her i was disappointed in her b/c
she's just being a doormat to him and now she's all pissed
off at me which is stupid b/c i'm not goin to sit there and
let her call me almost every night cryin b/c her b/f hurt
her-so i told her to day that i'm not supportin ya'll
nemore and that i didn't want to hear abou it nemore-so who
knows what's goin to happen tomorrow-well g2g.

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