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2004-02-19 19:50:56 (UTC)

Time with Steph

Well, today I didn't have to go to school becuase of exams
but I did have to go up there for a second to give 2 of my
teachers exemption cards. So that made for a pretty
relaxing morning. Then I went and picked Stephanie up and
we went to Target and I got some new mascara and a curler
and then I showed her my new house and then we went to eat
at Chilies. I also gave her the birthday present I brought
her. She seemed to like it but who knows. She only had $6
so I bought her lunch and she paid the tip, which is fine
with me. She told me the whole story about her getting
arrested 2 months ago. Scary shit. Me and Jack are
fighting more and more seems like. This morning I
called him at about 9:45 to talk and we ended up getting
annoyed with eachother and hanging up frustrated 2 minutes
later. I went out with Stephanie and he called during
lunch to tell me that he was going to the shop and that we
would go to work later tonight. I don't know what to do.
We think we need to change something. I had a good time
wtih Steph.. it got my mind cleared of all the crap with
Jack and my parents and the new house. We spent about 3
hours together with is plently. Now I think I'll go and
watch a movie by myself and wait for Jack to call after he
gets out of the shop.