Cosmic Rain
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2004-02-19 10:50:26 (UTC)


Peoples's need for acceptance can be so strong they cover
up any insecurities with bravado and arrogance. I don't
like over confidence. I don't like the assumptions it
carries. I don't like the over need to use flashy words to
sweet talk. Keep it simple. Why would anyone be prone to
interest when they know those same flashy words get
littered upon other peoples pages.

She's in search of love. She finds it in clubs. In the
girls she takes home of ends up at their place. To assume
she'll find that love between the sheets of a one night
stand. Why not get to know someone first for who they are
and not look for the answers through physical need. All
that comes is rejection. And something she constantly gets,
because none of the girls are looking for what she is.

I met her this weekend for the first time and saw it all in
3d. The over confidence. The need to be loud and make a
place for oneself. As if it would somehow lure my
attention, like all the others. But I'm not all the others.
I'm not looking for the same thing she is. Well maybe I am,
just I'd prefer the road to be a lil more scenic and
meandering. Not the quickest and fastest possible path one
can take. it's not for me. Nor will it be.

She's in search of love. I'm sure one day she'll find it.
Hopefully one of the girls from whatever club it might be
will think saying "I'll call you" actually means they will.
And it will be a pure connection where no need for physical
persuasion is needed to keep one interested. I'm sure
she'll find it one day, but it wont be with me.