goddess of imaginary light
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2004-02-19 08:34:15 (UTC)


yeah so ive got to stop doing everything last minute!!
yesterday i wrote a paper and did some of the reading for
it and turned it in today. i might be less stressed if i
actually DO my work...i also have a stat test and a
spanish test thet im dreading....stats seems to be my
easier test (how odd) and spanish kicks my ass always!!!
today i wrote another poem about was a
release...a way of getting over him and realizing its for
the best
he wasnt good for me
but i cant help missing the closeness...but that i can get
with anyone....
listening to evanescence (big suprise) one of my favorite
songs, even in death, not on their album fallen...
it always makes me sad....makes me think, therefore, i
the best therepy ever, writing helps you listen to
yourself when noone else will......