purple star

Never once spoken
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2004-02-19 06:31:21 (UTC)

tell me what you see

"In response to "tell me what you see"....
I see someone who is: intelligent, creative, caring,
beautiful, understanding, passionate, incredible. Someone
who has gone through a lot and dealt with a lot but has so
many great things ahead of her. Someone who has always
been there for me, and been one of my best friends.
Someone who has changed my life, someone who has made me
the person I am today, and has an incredible life of her
own. Someone who dreams, someone is capable of reaching
those dreams. Someone who can be determined, can be
afraid, can be vunerable, can be confused, can be lost, can
be hurt, can be human. Someone who: feels, cares, helps,
learns, grows. Someone who wants to see everything there is
to see, and someone who is deep enough to appreciate it. I
see someone who means the world to me.
Someone I love and care about, someone worth loving and
caring, someone special to me, and someone who is just

:) thanks. i definately needed that.

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