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2004-02-19 04:45:22 (UTC)

people i know

today i relized how many interesting people i know i didnt
know they were so interesting well lets start with my first
Angelica she is a hardcore latina she has a boyfriend
i see them everyday in the hall and they seem so happy
toghether like they don't have a care in the world bit for
some reason it looks that there is something hiddin but
that cant be becuase she waits for him untill he is in the
area of her then she go's so she must care for him. but she
is someone that i do not talk to i just hear and watch i
dont think she likes me i think its becuase sometimes she
cathes me straing at her i dont mean to its just aa habbit.
but she is not somebody i would really pay attention to
there are my school friends (only talk to at school)
Emily kirby she is hilarious she is african american
has one kid and she is 17 and he his around 1 or 2 but me
and her are good friends she always talks about her babys
daddy who she hates then there is her future babbys daddy
but to me his no good either he has a anklet on and he cant
even leave his house except for work but she said she loves
him. that girl is funny for example she is in my math class
and she is loud when we are doing a problem she thinks out
loud and makes our table lose concentration and she also
does not give a crap what people think and say unless its
her friends for insatance when our teacher wants quite she
just yells saying shut up, thats why we you all be flunking
you alls tests but she makes my day go by a little slower.
then in the same class there is a girl at the same
table (we all talk to each other)well anyway this girls
name is vannessa she is so stubborn and lazy she also has a
kid he is around 2 or 3 she also dont talk to the babys dad
she hates him well anyway her older brother was or is in
jail his ex wife makes threats to vannessa and vaneessa is
in court like every other day another thing about her is
she is lazy and hates school becuase say we have a test in
math well most of the time she tries getting answers from
me and if that does not work she does not do it all to me
she makes things harder then they should be ...... moving
my next class is art which i love since i dont talk
to anyone in this class becuase i like my privacy in this
class i guess i can talk about me i'm 15 4 months from 16
i'm male hispanic live in colorado hate it its very boring
here and the 2 most interesting and unique things about me
is i am a art fanatic and i am a homosxual you might say im
to young but im not your never too young unless your below
puiperty but it is not a bog deal
next class is computeres and there is a fgirl in
there who is a pegen she is very interesting girl first she
talks like a baby sometimes but she is very smart girl but
sometimes she is a little bit annoying becuase somtimes she
acts like she knows everything but i like her (not like
that )we keep each others day running
lastly its 5th its my fav class but i dont talk to
anyone in there so this is 1 percent of my life but there
are still many holes a left unfilled but i will seal them
next time.

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