chevs life
2004-02-19 04:26:43 (UTC)

Silent Friends...

And here I am yet again with another bone to pick with the
world. This edition concerns friends and the condition I
like to call "the silence". Here's what it is...

Have you ever had, well, a really bad day or something you
just really need to vent to someone? I bet you have. And,
usually, you can talk to a friend about it cuz we all know
that friends are ALWAYS there for you. RIGHT? Well so you
tell them about the crappiness of your day and you're
expecting them to say at least SOMETHING but they say
NOTHING yet they give off body language that seems to lead
toward the way they're feeling, yet you can't be sure.

I can tell you right now, if you haven't already noticed,
that is a BIG pet peeve of mine. This could be because I'm
big on the honesty factor in a friendship. I, personally,
don't really care if what you have to say is negative just
SAY IT FOR PETE'S SAKE. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not
saying that the negative stuff doesn't hurt whatsoever cuz
it does but it sure beats the crap out of not saying

Now, perhaps some of you out there can relate to
this. "This" being that you do this sort of thing. Just
know that if you're doing it to me, I don't appreciate it
so stop it and just tell me the in what you're
thinking. Okay?