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2004-02-19 03:15:14 (UTC)

Survery #1

01] what's your first name? Samantha
[02] middle name? Nicole
[03] last name? Gee
[04] nicknames? Sami, Sambo, Sambass
[05] age? 16
[06] gender? girl
[07] birthday? March 18, 1987
[08] your sign? pieces
[09] where do you live? Dallas
[10] do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I have a
boyfriend, yes
[11] if so what's her/his name? Jack
[12] have you ever been in love? I would have to say that
I am very much in love with Jack
[13] who are/were your crushes? the last crush I remember
was Jack but that was a long time ago
[14] do you have any piercings, or want any piercings? I
have both my ears pierced although I don't wear any
earring and I recently got my belly button pierced
[15] if so what do you have/want pierced? I don't know
what else I would get pierced if I could.
[16] do you have a tattoo or want one? nah, I'll pass
[17] if so what kind and where? nope
[18] where do you shop at the most? any mall is cool-
AandF, Hollister, American Eagle... the usual
[19] what color is your hair? strawberry blonde
[20] what color are your eyes? Hazlely Green
[21] how tall are you? 5'4 ish
[23] do you smoke? nope
[24] do your friends smoke? nah.. well, Stephanie maybe..
but she dosen't really count
[25] who are your closest friends? Jacky
[26] who are your friends? I don't have that many, I'm
such a loner
[27] who are your best friends online? huh.. I don't IM
[28] do you like bath & body works? NO!!!
[29] kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Panteen
[30] is your hair short or long? huh, past my boobs
[31] do you like to shop? yes!
[32] what sports do you play? Sports? Huh??
[33] what turns you on? o god.. the list is so long.
Mostly just Jack
[34] what turns you off? nervousness?
[35] Where do you go for fun? The Shop?
[36] what do you do for fun? chill, talk to Jacky
[37] how many phones do you have in your house? 5ish
[38] how many tv's do you have in your house? 8? Wow,
thats alot
[39] what's your favorite food(s)? well, off the diet I
like mashed potatoes, chinese food and all things sweet
and crunchy and chewy and carb filled--on the diet I like
meat and cheese and butter
[40] do you look like anyone famous? Sabrina the Teenage
Witch but I don't really see it
[41] do you think ricky martin is muy guapo (very
handsome)? I'm in into beaners
[42] who are the most attractive people you know? Jack and
I think I'll leave it there.
[43] are you a virgin? egh
[44] do you wish to be like your parents? on some levels
[45] what cologne should a hot guy wear? Armani and
Aeromist Life
[46] what are you listening to right now? Channel 9
[47] what time is it? 9:15 p
[48] how many hours per day do you spend talking on the
phone? ugh, from about 9 to whenever I fall asleep
[49] do you have your own phone line? I have my own ring
[50] have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex?
quite a few times
[51] what are your favorite shoes? brown $9 slipon Target
badass shoes
[52] what kind of clothes do you sleep in? absolutly
[53] what's your favorite soda? diet orange sunkist or
diet coke with lemon (non can-fountian only)
[54] what things do you say a lot? like
[56] who is the coolest person in the world? Sambo
[57] do you think you're weird or funny? both
[58] what would you prefer thong or bikini? underwear?
[59] who was the last person you called? Jack
[60] where do you wanna get married? somewhere expensive
[61] who is the hottest girl/guy in your school? ugh, I
don't know.. theres quite a few
[62] what are your favorite girl names? thats a tuffy
[63] what are your favorite guy names? Hayden
[64] what's your worst memory in the past 5 years? my
sholder dislocating
[65] what's your favorite childhood memory? i don't know
[66] what is your favorite fast food restaurant? on the
diet-Wendys. off the diet-taco bell or arbys
[67] who do you really dislike? I don't really hate anybody
[68] do you have any brothers and sisters? one brother
[69] if so, names? Alex
[70] do you have a pool? I did about a week ago
[71] do you have a spa? nope
[72] are you stupid? nah
[73] what are you addicted to? sex
[74] do you like jewelry? 2 rings (one from Jack and my
grad ring) and my watch
[75] who do you wish you were? Jenna Jameason, Paris Hilton
[76] who has it easier, boys or girls? guys
[77] would you rather be short or tall? I like my height,
It would suck to be eaither one
[78] do you like to dance? I would love to be able to
dance but I'm white, I bet it would so sexy to salsa or
something like that
[79] do you like playing pranks on people? not really
[80] what's your least favorite subject in school? spanish
[81] what's your favorite subject in school? lunch
[82] what time is it? 9:26 p
[83] what college do you wanna go to? whereever Jack is
[84] what school do you go to now? Rowlett High
[85] do you have a playstation or nintendo 64? my brother
[85] if so, what are your favorite games? Mario Brothers
[87] do you sleep a lot? I have to or I freak out
[88] what are your favorite radio stations? 102.1
[90] are you a morning person? I think so
[91] what's your favorite tv station? MTV and reality tv
[92] do you shave? I try to
[93] how often do you shower? Every single morning
[94] do you get along with your parents? for the most
part, they know that couldn't survive without me
[95] what room do you spend the most time in? mine and the
game room
[96] how many rooms does your house have? 5
[97] what do you wanna be when you're out of school? a
doctor... just rich as hell
[98] do you curse a lot? I can be pretty vulgar
[99] are you ticklish? hehe
[101] what are you wearing right now? AE holy jeans and t
[102] do you go to church? try not too
[103] do you like the person who sent you this? I found
it, nobody sent it
[104] do you believe in god? still deciding
[105] do you like to watch pda's? public displays of
affection or the palm piolet thing?
[106] do you show pda? Jack won't let me
[107] do you believe in love at first sight? yea
[108] what color tooth brush do you use? white and blue (I
[109] how many times a day do you brush your teeth? once
[110] who is your favorite cartoon character? I don't
watch cartoons
[111] do you have a job? kinda
[113] what's your favorite fruit? on the diet-
strawberries, off the diet-oranges
[114] what's your favorite veggies? off the diet-Potatoes,
on the diet-green beans
[115] what's your favorite candy? everything is good
[116] what was the best day of your life so far? any day
with Jack is a good one
[117] what are you gonna do today? hopefully just go to
sleep after this
[118] are you momma's little angel? no but daddy loves me
very much
[119] do you wear body spray? some lite perfume
[120] who is the sweetest girl? what? girls are bitches
[121] who is the sweetest guy? Jack
[122] are you wearing nail polish now? nah
[123] if so, what color?
[124] how many rings or necklaces do you own? 2 rings,
lots of necklaces
[125] do you wear a watch? yes
[126] did/do you have braces? nope
[127] are you tired? very
[129] do you have freckles? yea
[130] what are you thinking right now? I'm bored and want
to go to sleep with Jacky
[131] are you having fun? not really
[132] what time is it? 9:35 p
[133] who makes you laugh? Jacky and my family
[134] who's your favorite teacher? Ms. Karns
[136] what is the best concert you have ever been to?
I haven't been to that many
[137] what is your favorite dream? don't remember
[138] what is your worst dream? I have lots of bad ones
[139] are you tired of filling this out yet? yup
[140] who of your friends do you think will get bored with
this? all of them
[141] who sent this lovely survey to you? NO ONE
[142] what's your worst memory as a little kid? I don't
remember being a little kid
[143] have you ever cheated on anyone/been cheated on? nope
[144] do you believe in santa claus? nope
[145] do you believe in ghosts? yes I do

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