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2004-02-19 01:06:50 (UTC)

missin Matt

So, I had that feeling that I was looking for. I'm not sure
what it is, but I think it's a pure, unveiled, no-hold-bar
happiness. See, Sam swept me off my feet, dropped me pretty
damn hard too. So, Matt kind of needed to do a lot to do it
again. He was close, he's done a lot of things I always
wished Sam would. So last night when I got off the phone, I
had that feeling.
It scares me though, he's so much like Sam. I just hope
it's my type. I hope that's all. Matt's a great guy and I
don't wanna be using him.
I just like him a lot. Goodness what I would give to see
him right now. I really would do anything to figure out a
way to tget there. I'm going to try to see if I get someone
to work for me on Saturday. I figure I can afford to loose
teh points at work if I just skip, also, or just go in
late. I only have 4 weeks left, and I only work Saturdays.
I want to see him Fri. so bad. That'd be sooooo cool. Ugh,
here I go, I have to start ranting.
He is so awesome. He's my hero. #1) He's on a newspaper!
I've always wanted to do that. The only reason I didn't
like Journalism was because they gave me stories that I
wasn't interested in writing. I'd love to write like he
does. Plus he gets to hang out with all of the cool
newspaper people. Like the one he was rabing aobut
yesterday. Apparently the kid is so talented that he wtore
a point-counterpoint piece and did both sides. The great
thing was he had convincing arguments on either side!
#2)Radio. Oh, man. That is my dream. If they made more
money, that's what I'd be studying instead of Architecture.
Seriously, in Careers class I wanted to be A) a producer B)
an architect or C) a D.J. I think it's soooo cool that he
has a show.
#3) He's soooooo intelligent. He's a minor in math! Plus
he's awesome in English. Heh, then there's the German, oh
man. He speaks so intelligently, a big change of the HS
kids I hang out with. I mean they do too, but they talk
down to you if they are speaking well.
#4) He is so good to me. Really, he just always says such
great things. Like on Valentine's Day. We were lying there
and he just squeezes me and says "It feels so good to hold
you." Ah! Isn't that sweet?! I miss him so much.
#5) He plays bass. Oh, man. That is so hot! I'v eseen him
play nad sing at a battle of the bands. *drools*
Well, I should go, I have HW and I really want to buy him
somethin' online, and e-mail him. TTFN, tata for now.


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