a little piece of me
2004-02-19 00:21:49 (UTC)

a little better

today was a little better. i haven't cried much at all, so
it's getting there. brock wasn't at work today. thank god.
he's driving me nuts. he just talks too damn much.
sometimes it's hard to handle. but at least i love what i
do. that's a first.

i'm going to help my dad do his delivery friday. he's so
fucking stupid. i told him i didn't want to speak to him
again, and he called 4 times today to see if i wanted to
go. i think that's a bit rediculous. whatever. i need the
money, so i'll do it. i guess i'm the stupid one, since i
did say yes. i just really want a house, and the more
money we set aside for it, the better. we're working on
that, too.

well, nothing real eventful. i guess that's a good thing.
got to see little ol willy bill yesterday. he's such a good
kid. matthew's going to regret wasting his time on
video games...william will be grown before he knows it.
he's almost a year old already. i can't wait for him to be
able to walk and talk. then he can come stay with aunt
turtle and uncle shell. we'll take him out for pizza, and
rent movies to watch with him. that's the best part
about being an aunt, i mean uncle. we get to spoil him
rotten, but don't have to pay for everything! his parents
get the brunt of that.

well, i gotta get supper going. that's all for today.