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2004-02-18 23:15:31 (UTC)


im home 4 once so thats kool...well 1 thing 2 say is JAY
KISS MY BROWN ASS!!ne wayz im likin this boy named
anthony,hes tall,blue eyes,nice lips lol,& a nice
smile..its kinda fast 2 move on but i have a good felling
about him..maybe maybe not??ne wayz 2day my lessa told me
that she saw my X jay kissin sum gurl but is it normal that
i dont care lol...all i had 2 say was HAHAHA!o ya JAY UR A
BAD KISSER!!ok ne wayz lessa i jus read ur journal & im not
thinkin ne thing bad of u...i never do,i jus dont get wut
ur sayin by givin a gurl looks,is that y uve been not
talkin 2 me...lessa i love ya bud dun cry!if u wanna ask me
stuff jus ask iight!i talked 2 my julian yayaa!!i miss that
id soo much!wow i dun exactly have ne thing 2 say right