Lil' Butterfly

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2004-02-18 21:18:42 (UTC)

New today!

I happy and don't know y so who cares? LoL! This is
my horoscope for today: You often have a hard time
forgiving people — especially those that break your heart.
However, sometimes people simply make promises they can't
keep. They aren't intentionally trying to hurt you, though.

It's so awsome! This is Steph's horoscope : You're the
sign that wants everyone to get along and love one another.
And while that's totally commendable, you should remember
to stand up for yourself sometimes, too. Today happens to
be one of those days, when you really want something and
believe in it. So don't let anything stop you.! GO

Read some of these Poems my sis wrote them and there

He looks at you,
you drop to your knees,
you beg him,
for one more chance.
Just one more,
to prove that you care.
Once glance and you know,
you want to be with him forever!
You can't live without him,
right by your side.
He leaves,
your world crumbles, begins to fade.
Your world turns black,
no light what-so-ever.
You need him.
He is your light,
your only way of breathing.
You need him or else you will die.
He is gone,
gone forever.
And you just fade,
lost forever!
No I am not.
I don't need him.
I am my own person.
I live my own life.
I can breathe without him.
I have light without him.
My friends are always there,
to help me move on.
Lost forever?
I think NOT!!

Have faith,
believe in yourself,
never give up,
push yourself.
Always look up,
and never look down,
hold your dead high,
and you'll always get by.
Never forget,
you're never alone,
you'll always have someone,
someone you have known.
Call up a friend,
just tell them hi,
tell them you need to talk,
don't sit there and cry.

This one reminds me of Lee!

You were there,
holding me tight.
It felt so real,
like day and night.
All my pain was gone,
like it was never there.
The sight of you,
just wasn't fair.
There you were sleeping,
right by my side.
Never wanting to leave,
so I started to cry.
You held me tight,
saying that you care.
but it was a lie,
saying you were there.
I whispered "I love you",
then slowly kiss your cheek.
You said, "I love you too",
then we got back to sleep

That's all for now! Intill next time!

Love ya,
Lil' Buterfly