Ali Davis

One Day At a Time
2004-02-18 17:23:08 (UTC)

I just feel.... GOOD all over!

for some reason I'm having a great day! I woke up happy
and cheerful. I can't wait to see what today holds. I
don't have too much to do today- much like everyday! I
think that after lunch I'll call some places around town
about work and just chill... maybe do some housework or
something. I don't know. I'm expecting a casting call
for some talent search thing. I wonder what that's gonna
be about. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm feeling
the call of the open road... that means I NEED to get me
car fixed. Finally people are seeing that so they're
trying to help out knowing I'm looking for work and all.
Hopefully it'll all pan out. I found a great job with
AmeriCorp. Its dealing with children and teaching so I'm
really excited about it. it only pays $800 a month but
for someone who doesn't have rent or anything that'a a
good bit of money. That'll really help out alot. I owe so
much money- almost $2000 to people immediately around me.
That figure doesn't include late personal bills and stuff.
but this job will definitely help out alot. Let's cross
our fingers and pray that it comes through. I want people
to call me today! Maybe I'll just call some people just to
say hi! It could brighten someone's day! I feel like
writing too- some people are getting letters (if i can
find their addresses) I know it always makes me feel good
to get mail that isn't a bill... so pass on the favor,
spread the wealth. I'M SO HAPPY I COULD BURST!!! I think
I'm gonna go make something pretty- i suggest everyone do
the same! :) :)