Thoughts of His girl
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2004-02-18 17:12:36 (UTC)

Ignored My Former R/L Today

This morning I was forced to block my former real life
Master on MSN and delete him from yahoo. (sigh) He's such
a fucking hypocrite and mind fuck . Damn it why do I let
him get to me. Maybe, because hes always remeained a good
friend or was he.

Hell after he sent me away because he couldnt deal with
Aaron or his autism I became a FW , and he stole my yahoo
account. Last night I found out he freed his slave and
made her his FC. Fucking hyptocrit! Then he told me to go
to Port Kar his room in yahoo when I begged to enter he
collared some girl to his personal collar. Why does this
bother me, because last night he told me he hated this
same girl.

Then in IM he yelled at me , cursed at me so I ignored
him. I am so damn tired of games im not playing them

Granted when I need someone Michael is normally there.
Like last night when I was upset because Aaron was having
a really bad night, but its not worth it to me. (sigh) So
until Michael can show me respect he stays ignored...lol