2004-02-18 15:29:54 (UTC)

My Mother

My mother died on January 16, one day before her 82nd
birthday. She'd had a stroke the month before and while in
rehab, she had another which again took away her ability to
swallow. She agreed to tube feeding for a while but
something went wrong--there was an abcess or perhaps she had
an ulcer or there may have even been something wrong with
her heart. The tests they did were inconclusive. When the
doctor told her she'd have to have surgery to identify and
correct the problem, she refused knowing what it meant.

She and my Dad were married for over 55 years and he spent
the past 20 years caring for her after her first stroke.
He's doing as well as could be expected which isn't really
well at all.

I became sick shortly afterwards and am slowly recovering
now that I'm on antibiotics.

I'll be back to writing my regular journal entries soon.