listen to my silences
2004-02-18 04:43:01 (UTC)

falling apart

i'm trying to understand this
please try to understand me
i need your help in figuring things out
and in finding where i need to be
all i wanted was to belong
we all did is what i thought
i'm not sure everything i did wrong
but i'm sorry that we fought
i know that it's not all my fault
you have to say you're sorry too
how did we lose our vision
i never wanted to hurt you
we each got wrapped up inside
of things we never should have
i miss staying over and talking all night
and most of all i miss your laugh
maybe the best thing is for us to go
but this is tearing at my heart
you're my best friend and i need you
i don't want to see us falling apart

this poem isn't about me. mary and jamie, it's for you.
and it's not written from just one person's standpoint, so
don't think i'm taking sides. i don't even know what's
going on. i'm worried about both of you. if you need to
talk, i'm here. and i'm not going to take sides or report
you to the other person. i just...i want to be a friend.
so if you need one, let me know.

i'm praying.

final thought: cause we've lost it all, nothing lasts
forever i'm sorry i can't be perfect, but it's just too
late, and we can't go back i'm sorry i can't be perfect,
nothing's gonna change the things that you said, nothing's
gonna make this right again, please don't turn your back i
can't believe it's hard just to talk to you but you don't