2004-02-18 03:48:26 (UTC)

I am healed!!!

Yes I am. I'm happy about that. Plus about the fact that I
finally resent that scene to freestreet and Anita replied
saying it was great. Now I can't sense if someone is
serious or not through an e-mail, but since she replied,
then I guess it made some type of impact. To be honest it
did brighten my day. I know we're suppose to be non
judgemental and in the moment, but shit, hell, I'm not a
good writer, so I'm glad writing worked a bit for me

I gotta get around to writing that essay for columbia. I
mean, it's the freaking 17th.


This means that by the time I get around to learning and
writing this shit, plus sending it, It will definately be
March 1st. Then I wait for reply.