2004-02-18 03:47:53 (UTC)

I KNEW they were out to get me damnit!

DAMN cops! HA... i always cringe and shiver when cops come
near me, and y'all laugh at me and call me stupid.. well
well who is stupid now! MM k.. lemme break it down. Me and
em head to dixie for the ryle vs dixie JV game. ryle wins
w/ a last second shot by michael brown, good job dude! and
that was really cool. LoL, it was funny bc when we walked
in there, the Varsity team was sitting in the bleachers and
drew and eric were like "kelly, what are you doing? boone
isn't playing dixie tonite, we are" LoL, they always give
me shit for supporting boone. WELL anyway, me and em leave
the varsity game during half time bc em is hungry, lol, so
i take her to wendys and while we are there, i see TWO cars
get pulled over. ya, we leave, and one of the cops pulls
out behind me and im flipping out! so i pulled over to
walgreens and emily was like kelly you better run inside bc
they are out to get you, so i ran! and then she laughed at
me, lol. THEN we headed out to josh's house, blah blah. we
drove around and saw MASSIVE cops! UM, then we meet up with
noah, and drive around and look for something to do. Noah
is leading and he pulls onto mall road and starts to go
fast, so josh catches up and speeds along side him. WELL
they slow down bc we see a cop. ok, 2 seconds later...
lights are flashin!! so both guys pull their cars over and
3 more cops show up. busted for racing 60 mph in a 35. em
and i called it too! "racing on mall road is a bad idea
guys" lol, no one ever listens! so ya, at least they had
decent cops pull them over and they dropped the racing
charge (automatic suspension of license until your 18) and
dropped the 60 mph down to 50 in a 35. when i got pulled
over, i got the bitchiest cop ever. BUT what did i tell
yall... cops, are bad, they are out to get me! i knew it!
so no more laughing at me when i cringe!! FUN TIMES!

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