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2004-02-18 03:35:38 (UTC)


I'm new at this website so i dont know exactly what to talk
about. so i guess it will just talk. umm.....i like this
guy named Zach. He is really sweet and i just really like
him a lot. Yeah but the best part is that he likes me too.
so yay! go me. and my birthday is almost here too. I will
trun 14 on Feb. 23 that is like this coming monday. Yay!
that is also my moms that is pretty cool i
guess. and also my friend christina's too. so we just have
a big 'ol birthday thing goin on i guess. i know you guys
have NO i dea who i am talking about but hey thats the best kidding. i dont know. but umm.....i
cant think of anything else to write. so i guess i am going
to go so i will post on here later. bye!


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