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2004-02-18 03:01:12 (UTC)

All Moved In

We have finally moved into the new house and I love it. I
figured it would take a while for me to get used to all of
the changes but I just love everything about it. My room,
although extremely small (for me), is perfect. My closet
looks great and even though I am doomed to share a
bathroom with my mom it seems to be working out ok. And I
only have one more box to unpack but since it's just
decoration stuff and I have no where to put them it can be
left for the time being. I decided to start writing a
diary agian because this is where I can be me. I am
absolutly alone for the time it takes me to write this. I
worry about nothing except what I am writing about. This
is the place where I can relax. I hope I find enough time
to write in this every once in a while because it really
is hard to be alone for this long. The only reason I am
alone right now is because 24 is on and god forbid if you
interupt that fucking show. Sounds to me like my spot
as "family member/offspring #1" has been removed and then
replaced by somebody else. At least now they've found
someone who gives a shit. Not me man. O great, I'm
starting to sound like an emo kid that whines and cries
and complains to themselves all day about how shitty they
have it. I do need some time alone though. Maybe I'll get
it Thursday and Friday since I don't have to go to school
and then... (THANK GOD!) Alex is finally leaving for his
ski-trip on Monday. It will be great to get him out of the
house. Me and Jack decided one night about a week ago
while I was in another depression fit that I needed
intaimacy imatacy intamiacy (I really can't spell that
word) in my life. I don't know why we hadn't thought of
this earlier but I did. I was wanting sex so bad because
that was the only time he was truly mine and only mine. I
craved that attention. And since we have been being more
intamite I really haven't been wanting sex that much. I
feel satisfied. Althought more intmaiacy would be nice I
feel better all ready.