What the Fuck
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2004-02-18 00:07:19 (UTC)

finally a good day

today was just what i needed a day to relax and just sit on
the couch-i have been so busy this weekend i don't think i
got ne sleep-i mean i was as busy as u could be in ga there
is nuthin to do here it's so boring but i can't really
complain b/c i love the atmosphere down here-today all i
did was sit on the couch and watch mtv which was awesome-i
don't know though there was somthin botherin me today-see
my friend has had this boyfriend for like over a yr now-and
he treats her like shit and the thing about it is i have to
listen to it all the time-but when i tell her to break up
with him b/c he's no good for her she turns around and says
oh but he's gettin better which is bullshit b/c i see the
way he treats her and no he's not gettin ne better he's
gettin worse-and the thing about it is she picks him over
me all the time and then when he hurts her i have to hear
about it the entire night-i mean i know it sounds like i
don't want to help her but it's been goin on for over a
year and she can't see that he's just a loser that is not
goin to treat her right-and no matter how much i try to
help her she just doesn't listen to me it's so stupid-who
knows what i'm goin to do hopefully she'll come to her
senses but i don't ever think that is goin to happen.