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Life Is For Living, Rite?
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2004-02-17 23:56:19 (UTC)

That Makes Perfect Sense (Not)

So here we go again, and I ask you.
If you were to send someone a nasty, vindictive, malicious
(spelt M-A-L-I-C-I-O-U-S) message on their diary, and leave
it via a hotmail account you assumed to be 'anonymous,'
then why oh why would you write, and I quote,

'I am not your ex and I never will be. Get it right you
something something (forgot what those words were. I'm sure
melishus was in there somewhere.)'?

Now, what is the point of that? Surely now I would have
enough sense to read through what I have earlier posted and
see that I have taken the piss out of a certain person who
also happens to be one of my exes (dont remind me.)
But no, it seems that to this person I am as thick as two
short planks, something which he desperatly desires in
order to build a home that doesn't change location every
time the wind speed picks up or changes direction. It also
seems I am a picky, vindictive little girl who enjoys
playing mind games, purely because I corrected him on his
spelling of the word malicious. (By the way, vindictive is
another word for malicious, which also means spiteful)
But something that hasn't crossed this poor, misguided
youths mind is the fact that what I am saying about him is
merely an by-product of what I hear said on my travels
around college. So I amicably urge him to wake up and smell
the cardboard (or the latte, oh no wait, he might
accidently get high on that) and realise that people say
things about him all the time. And not the people he most
suspects. My poor, innocent little friends do nothing but
talk quietly and peacefully among themselves, and are
penalised for putting up posters, making up nicknames and
generally taking the piss. Now, the nickname was invented
long before I came along and met my friends, and when first
I heard it it wasn't used by one of my friends but by
someone else. And maybe people wouldn't call him that if he
stopped wearing a hat that everybody thinks is awful
anyway. And surely it is obvious that if you keep doing
stupid things you are going to have people take the piss?
And about the ex thing. Whether you like it or not (and I
have recently found out that he didnt like the idea even
when asking me out, can someone please explain that one to
me? Anyway...) I am your ex. Ok, so one weekend in which
you do not see your 'boyfriend' is pretty pathetic, but if
you are big enough (smirk, giggle, as if etc) to make the
decision to do that to somebody then you should be big
enough (stop making suggestive eye gestures!) to accept the
consequences. That the person you hurt, ditched and walked
all over, after finding out she was hurt and vulnerable
BEFORE you asked her out, is bound to be just a tiny, weeny
bit upset when you do exactly the same to her in such a
short space of time, and bitter and resentful later. but
when this hurt, angry, upset little girl joins a group of
people who hate your guts and wish you would take the hint
and leave anyway, surely the best option would be to fear
for your safety and move, preferably to a different country?
Let us hope the wind picks up to gale forces and blows so
much it can pick up a cardboard box and blow it right

Xx Millie xX

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