The twisted thoughts of me
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2004-02-17 23:31:47 (UTC)

Life,Love,and everything else

Hmmmmm...i have been so at peace lately...i have learned
silence is good once in awhile just to sit back and watch
the world.i have learned to, which is kinda scary.well i
have been also a bit upset bout some things too. Like love
is really upsetting. more then usual. I seem to be lacking
something every1 has. happiness and love. I just want to
love and be loved nothing more nothing less.i want a man
who cares,understands, and too much more to put in words. i
really feel like i need to get away from life to run away.
But i cant run away again last time i did, things almost
got worse.people say it must get worse b4 it can get better
which i dont believe in anymore. in the light of things I
got my letter, and i can go to E.C. !!! i just need someone
now more then ever to understand me. all i feel like doing
is crying...for what i have no clue really i just cry then
end up feeling better after. hmmmm...This sat. i get to see
my hottie brandon!!!!i cant wait!!!!!im gonna do my best to
kiss him though i refuse to make the first move. But i will
make the 2ond...hehehehe icant help it..well i guess i can.
well i g2g i think im gonna go read of just listen to the
world....which sounds stupid but is fun...

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