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2004-02-17 21:27:15 (UTC)

Any Day Now

ok, my new favorite show is on lifetime and is called "any
day now". Today i woke up around 2, and layed on the couch
until just now. and at 3, i was flipping thru the channels
and came across this show that i've noticed for a while,
but never really paid any attention to. But today, it just
caught my eye for some reason. OK, today's episode kinda
hit home (only in some cases) and it really sucked because
I cried once it was over. Let me break it down. The "star"
family is made up of Mary Elizabeth (the mom) calier (the
dad) Kelly (the daughter, what a pretty name ;) and her
brother (he isn't really all that important). But anyway,
what this show does, is flash back to the mom's childhood,
which is very similiar to her daughters, and what she is
going through. Today, Kelly found out that she was pregnant
by her black boyfriend, Johnny. This all happened around
Homecoming time, and her mom knew something was the matter.
So when they were homecoming dress shopping, Kelly told her
mom she was pregnant. Then it flashed back to when Mary
Elizabeth told HER mom she was pregnant, and blah blah. OK
anyway, at the end, (this is where i cried), it was
the "homecoming football game" and during halftime, all
the "princess" canidates walked on the field. All of them
were escorted to the 50 yard line by their fathers, except
Kelly, because her dad "disowned" her bc of the fact she
was 9 weeks pregnant. Well, the camera pans over to the car
Kelly is riding down the track in, and an arm reaches out
to help her out of the car... Johnny escorted her... and
she won! Yup, def. started crying there. Mainly because
that was absolutely adorable, and I'm jealous. NO, not
because of the fact that she is pregnant, but because of
the fact she is in love, and has someone by her side. Ya,
ya, its only a tv show, but still. And the whole inter-
racial relationship deal kinda sent me on a trip down
memory lane of the whole Tim issue. I'm DEF. not saying I
like him again, because I don't, plus he has a new
girlfriend, and yea, i just don't like him, but it made me
think about all of our "good" and "bad" times. AND the fact
that Kelly (the girl in the show, not me, lol) and Johnny
were in love, made me remeber how Tim was the first person
to tell me he loved me, and how I thought I felt the same,
but never said anything. YA but I'M NOT pregnant, so I have
no idea who I related this to me. I think just the
whole "love" issue and jealousy factor came into play and I
just lost it. plus i think i was due for a good cry, lol. i
dont know.. i'm pathetic