Self harming dyke
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2004-02-17 19:55:29 (UTC)

the way they cure mh probs in the uk...

cat comes out of hospital in brussels after 4.5 months

cat comes back to uk.

family gp arranges psych assessment.

cat is assessed and sees psych 3 times between december
2002 and october 2003.

psych refers cat and she is assessed by a DBT specialist
and told DBT is the right thing for her, but her studies
make this impossible.

cat moves to bristol.

family gp tells cat they can't see her any more.

cat registers with new gp who says she has to see new psych
in bristol.

cat sees new psych bloke twice since about october.

psych bloke refers cat to psych woman at hospital for

cat gets assessment which takes three sessions and speads
over 2 months (december to february)

at end of assessment cat is told by woman psych that she
can either go to therapeutic community for a year (thereby
giving up on teaching career) or get psychotherapy

cat has meanwhile managed to get control of her si but
still dreads the next downer.

cat is dumped by the system again and feels rather rejected.

cat hates all psych people and thinks they should be
subjected to each other's advice, possibly in a "I'm a
celeb" environment - where they live together and have to
eat bugs whilst having someone tell them stuff then abandon
them with the implication that they are beyond help.

cynical? yep.

Cat x