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2004-02-17 19:45:56 (UTC)


Just so you all know i have another diary and i only
write in this one when my Teen Open Diary is broken. which
it is right now!
so anyways...I'm single...blah...lets not go there!
most likely i will be for a long time. i'm tired of being
treated bad...who knows...most likely i deserve it. what
have i dont not to?
Allison has an amazing boyfriend, curtis. they are so
cute together! i was with them and stephan (he's hot!)
last night. the way they look at each other is adorable!
i'm jealous! shes so lucky! muah!
As for me and ray....blah! lets not go there. once
again we are a mess. it seems like all we ever do it fight
and i hate it. he thinks i'm like the biggest bitch in the
world and i wouldnt be suprised if he didnt want to have
anything to do with me anymore.wouldnt be the first
person. i am a bitch. albert told me i was always
crooked...i am a bitch but hey. people dont like me i
should crawl in a corner and die.
today we had a basketball meeting and i'm in a
tordiment this weekend and we are going to get our asses
kicked most likely but what the hell. and i got in trouble
with mr thoms (my coach) becuase i said i'd rather quit
the team then mis the show that night. now i have to go to
the show to line up at like 5 or so...get my hand stamped
then leave..go to the game and then go back to the
show...its going to be nuts. but oh well at least i get to
go to the show. i better not miss fireign or commoname!
anyways....not much more to say. leave one if you want.