Thoughts of His girl
2004-02-17 18:17:54 (UTC)

Love Between Master and slave (quotes)

Most Natural To Love:
"Do Masters ever love their slaves?" she asked. "Often," I
said. Indeed, a female slave is the easiest of all women
to love; too, of course, she is the most natural of all
women to love; these things have to do with the equations
of nature, in particular, those of dominance and
submission. To a man, a female slave is a dream come true.
A free woman, understandably, cannot begin to compete with
the female slave for a man's love. ~ Blood Brothers of
Gor, page 101

Love Slave:
She was an excellent slave, and would doubtless know many
loves, until she, a superb love slave, might at last find
herself fallen helplessly and totally into the absolute
power of such a man as she had never dreamed might exist,
he who to her, in personal and intricate chemistry of
couples, would be her ideal master, one powerful, and
uncompromising and strict, one capable of seeing the she
served well, one capable of whipping her, if need be, but
yet one loving and tender, one who would be her the
perfect love master. It did not seem likely that she would
be again sold. What would be the point of it? ~ Explorers,
pg. 424

Capacity For Love:
"The most fundamental property prized by Goreans in women,
I suppose, though little is said about it, is her need for
love, and her capacity for love. How much does she need
love? And how deep and loving is she? That is the kind of
woman a man wants, ultimately, one who is helplessly and
totally love's captive, in his collar." ~ Mercenaries, pg.

Raging Slave Desire:
"I must put aside all thoughts of love or affection. I was
unworthy of such, from such a man. I was inutterably
beneath him, worth less than the dust beneath his sandals.
Did I not know I was only a slave! But I loved him, and
with the whole heart and body of me! I tendered to him the
wholeness of my helpless slave’s love, worthless though it
might have been. I had enough love in my small marvelous
body for a thousand of us, a thousand times over! So I was
not loved! What did it matter! I was desired, and this
would be enough. Too, I myself felt desire, and profound,
raging slave desire, as he on his part must have felt some
passions of the Master. Unworthy though I might be he had
clearly wanted me. ~ Dancer, pg. 452

Total, Helpless Intimacy:
The relationship of master and slave is the relation of
total, helpless intimacy. ~ Renegades, pg. 404
Incredible Intimacy:
It is not easy for men to be lonely who have access to
slaves. Similarly the slaves, so occupied, and of
necessity so concerned to please the master, are seldom
given the time for the indulgence of loneliness...the
incredible intimacy of the relationship, intellectual and
emotional, as well as sexual, for the master may inquire
into, and command forth, and is normally inclined to do
so, her deepest thoughts and feelings, which must be bared
to him, as much as her body, as well as command, even
casually, her most intimate and delicious sexual
performances, miliates against loneliness. In slavery
total intimacy is not customary, but it can be made
obligatory, under discipline. ~ Mercenaries, pg. 349