Thoughts of His girl
2004-02-17 18:10:24 (UTC)

Wishes !

I wish I could have some nasty kinky sexy(laughs) I want
to flame sooo bad. I want a belt tight around my thought,
whip against my flesh, hot candle deep inside my ass while
my pussy is being rapped .(mmmmm)
Okay so I am just a honry slut what can I say .( grins)Not
many would change me , and those that try end upmiserable
creatures on their knees(laughs).

She loves the idea of seeing you, that makes her heart
race. She cares for you so much. We have been through ALOT

She worries about you. with the things going on with you
r/l and the hours you work. She wishes she was there to
take care of you. To make sure you were eating and
sleeping right. Hell to cook for you. She would love to
have dinner ready for you when you came home from work,
draw you a hot bath, wash you down , give you a long
massage until you feel asleep.

Its been raining hard here since yesterday. The kids are
home because of a something that this county has where if
they dont take foggy days they get this week off. It sucks
that when they kids are home it rains(lol).

Tami thinks someone she thought a friend is playing head
games but she isnt sure and if He is she isnt sure what to
do . He is married , his wife is a Mistress , was his FC
but they broke of the FC. Well 2 nights ago he asked me if
I thought anyone would miss him if he
disappeared.Yesterday Kiss a Mistress he introduced me too
IMed me asking if I had heard from Lugh, said he packed a
bag and left home. Tami has known Lugh for along time,
online and real life. Then this morning she got a message
on yahoo from him saying he was taking a week away to
figure out what to do and asking if he needed a place to
hide for awhile to sort out his head if he could come
here. Before I could respond he poofed. My gut tells me
this is some fucked up head game. He isnt happy about me
taking collar, he wanted me in his camp collar. I was once
his in real life and online his wife wanted it broke off
so it was. (shrugs)

You asked about GFVD it means GOD FORGIVES "" DOESNT.No
its not a collar(lol) She has had many people play head
games lately and well she is sick of it. As you know that
name is now nilla, so he figured that if they IM after the
games they get what they get(LOL).I will update it today.
God , I love you so much.

I am going to jump in the shower.Today I am going to try
and finish my cleaning and rearranging. I am spring
cleaning. My roommate is a freakn slob. (lol ) And I
frankly cant stand it anymore so I am dealing with ir room
by room . (lol)

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