goddess of imaginary light
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2004-02-17 17:36:39 (UTC)

breaking up

god damn, so my bf is a piece of crap
i need to break it off, i want to, its the best thing for
me, but i dont want to hurt him, i will miss alot about him
i go through phases where i can do this, i can talk to him,
i dont care for him as much as i think i do
then i break down and cry
i can go on without him, no doubt in my mind...but god how
ill miss him...
hes no good for me, we're too different, we're in different
cities, difference paths in life....
ill miss how he holds me, how he looks at me, how he kisses
me, how we just lay in bed and analyze the world..
i wont miss the how he doesnt call, how he doesnt seem to
care even when his eyes tell me he does. i give and give
but i get nothing back
what kind of relatioonship is that? its not
i want him to change but i know thats asking too much,
maybe we're just not meant to be together, but id rather
not have to do this....i never loved anyone like i loved
him...maybe thats the i know if this is love?