You Can't Go Home Again
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2004-02-17 14:34:32 (UTC)

Are you a hypnotist??

Friday night, band practice was not un-eventful. I'll
take the credit for reviving a song, one hated by 3/5ths of
the band, I saved. Now loved by 5/5ths the band. A new
song, of ambience and tranquility. It feels like you're far
far away. And I love that feeling.
So valentines day. round 6:45. Upon my return to church, I
descended to the basement. I quickly assembled the tracks,
and clicked burn. It was to be my music for the night. I
picked up the phone, dialed her number, just as she had
told me to do.
"you home?" she asked.
"It appears that way."
"Start your clock."
I brushed my teeth, and got a stereo to bring with me. I
was dressed up, sorta. Not too much. Sweater, with a
colalred shirt under it, grey pants, regular shoes.
She called me and told me she was waiting outside. The
time had come. I took a breath and walked out side. I
opened her car door and she looked at me, into my eyes, and
there I was again, mesmorized. She looked gorgeous. And
for a moment it ran through my head that she was mine, and
she cared about me, and I was her, that she wanted to spent
time with me as much as I did with her. Our feelings ran
I stepped in to the car and shut the door. We were off
at the point. I don't think either of us knew where we were
going. After talking, with some backround music, we ended
up in Connersville, Indiana. Some 2 hours away. We sat in
at a Subway for dinner, how romantic. But it didn't have to
be, I prehaps prefered it this way. Not saying I wouldn't
mind going someplace fancy with her. Who am I kidding, I
wouldn't mind going anywhere with her. Any time.
We returned to Ohio, and parked behind a church. We were
tired. I know I was incredibly tired. Multiple times I
layed my head on her chest or on her shoulder, and just
dreamed away. But how can I dream, when everything I dream
about was right in front of me. She slept in my arms, we
were together, it was magnificeint. I had come to accept
that times demise, as I knew our night had limits. I got
home at about 12:30. She drove off, and I bilked up to the
door, and up to my room, happy and tired. Sleep.
That was saterday. Sunday was boring, untill she came
over for some two hours. It was un-eventful, but I got time
with her, and that's all that matters. Sunday night, I went
to Pat, David, Mike, Scott and Garrett's CCD class. I am
officially freaked out by the catholic religon. That stuff
is weird. Spent the night at pat's with david. That was fun.
Monday, band practice. Decided our setlist for the up
coming show, and added that new song to it, and the EP line-
up. Sarah came over after band practice. I was unbearably
tired. She tucked me in, It was nice. The last sound I
heard before I fell asleep was her car driving off,
reminding me not only that she was leaving, but that I was
sure she would be back. I've got her hooked. She's got me
hooked. There is no cure.

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