Self harming dyke
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2004-02-17 12:41:05 (UTC)

Half term

It's half term in the UK, which means schoolkids and
teachers get a week off. I mean, I do have work to do, but
mainly I can just relax and get back some of the sleep I
have lost!

I saw stupid psych woman again for final assessment
yesterday and she told me that all they could do was put me
in TC for a year or tell me to go private. Hmmmmmmmmm

Not massively impressed. But, it made me realise that I can
do this recovery thing without them. I can do it. I can
be "normal", I just have to try really really hard to not
think depressing odd things and to get back to the me who
is successful and happy and popular (and fat at the mo, but

I woke up at 11.45 this morning! Amazing!!! The last few
days I have woken up at 7 as usual and thought, bloody
hell, I need to sleep. I feel groggy (probably cos period
started) but rested. too.

It has been 6 weeks and 6 days since I cut! And since I
last took sleeping pills!

Shame I keep bingeing and vomiting. Oh well.

Cat x

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