Meghans Diary X
2004-02-17 09:42:55 (UTC)

This ever so early Tuesday morning for me and my sister

3:30am in the morning in this hellbent house really kinda
sucks big time, no nothing to do, to far to go to the
store, 18 miles one way, mom's still gone, everybody we
know, it seems like has brought us food, its not like I
don't know how to cook, I cook awhole better than mom, but
any-f*cking way, there's 20 lbs. of catfish in the
freezer, 5 lbs. crawdead tails, all the cheese I need to
make lasagna or pizza pie, 12 different kinds in all,
three cases of Coke on the patio, two eighteen packs of
BUD LITE, plus alot of other stuff I ain't gonna mention,
but for now, since niether of us could sleep, we got up,
made coffee from store bought water, threw a few logs on
the fire and decided to cut loose on the poop-gig before
Uncle Bo gets here later on after sunup, as of right now,
we both have pullup diapers on so full of poop that its
dripping down our legs, oh well, gotta gobye