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2004-02-17 04:19:41 (UTC)

valintines sucks

sorry i havent writen anything in a while but ive been busy
wiht basketball and i just finished my final tournament
this weekend but i spent valintines in red deer but its all
good it was fun. we got third on our tournament we won our
first and third game. we didnt get a medal tho we actually
got a pair or socks is that not the dumbest thing ever!! i
was so mad but thats alright i guess. i went to meet my
friend today michelle at the mall today adn i havent seen
her in like forever apparently her and her boyfriend of
like forever are on a break thats kind of a piss off but i
cant do much. even tho i havent writen in a while i still
dont have muhc to say its weird besides that boston pizza
on valintines in red deer is so slow i got off my game at
like 10 30 and i didnt get to my hotel room till like 2 it
took forever i was so mad. then i had 2 games the next day
so i was so tired so i slept in the next morning after i
got home till 3 pm it was awesome! no im doing my laundry
and i got new pants today! very exciteing and i get my
license in the summer! or spring i guess i got for classes
at the end of febuary ya me!! so valintines wasent to bad i
just dont have a boyfriend so its not fun but meh whatever
i guess its only one day! well see ya later!!!!buh byez!!

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