Rei's Little World
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2004-02-17 01:45:36 (UTC)

Just here

Hiya! I haven't written in here for a while....but i have
a very ligitement reason! I am jsut plain lazy. lol. So
you've probably been wondering what ive been up to...and
if you havent...tuff! so imma tell ya'll about my weekend.

Friday: was suposed to march in a mardi gras parade, but
it was canelled, so i went to houma with my cuz rachel.

Saturday: had to march in a the cold cold
weather...very cold! yup.

Sunday: ah, the best part of my weekend, i went to houma
with ian, went to the mall, went to the parade, and
watched '50 first dates'. was gonna play pump it up..but
didnt....its ok cause i know id win ^^ (dont kill me! lol)
yup, and thats all im gonna write in here, cause people
are too nosey and dont needa know the details ^^

alright, so theres my weekend in the form of a few
paragraphs. so.....bye! and knock before you step into my
mind! and for goodness sake, wipe your feet...its already
very dirty. lol! j/k!

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