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2004-02-16 22:25:25 (UTC)

my sucky life


me again to tell you all about my sucky life. My life
has been sucky ever sence my first realationship it was
with blanche blevins i mean i really liked her and i
thought she liked me but i guess i was right for a while.
We got togather and broke up about 5 or 6 times and then
the last time i asked her out she said no and i guess i
really liked her but i kinda didnt and then afer that my
uncle died and we went throw a hard time but my ant was the
one that had the worse time of all and she staied at my
house for a while and then started to go to her house on
the weekeds and then she staied there all the time and then
i guess we just drifted apart and then my mom and my ant
stoped calling each other and that killed me i mean it
heart me the worse because i was stuck between two people
that i truly love. Thanks for reading about my life. I will
write more as soon as possible and thanks for writing your
throughts and i hope you enjoy see ya