Thoughts of His girl
2004-02-16 21:01:38 (UTC)

State of Constant Confussion

Tami is lost in a constant state of confussion and truly
hates head games. Master Cymric out of the blue Imed me
today told me that he was going to block me and ordered
nara his fg to do the same. No reason, no explaination
nothing . The last conversation we had was this morning I
IMed him asking why I would loose resources. Then I was
talking to an old nilla friend playing status war the next
thing I know Master Cymric is blocking me. (shrugs) Why
does this suprise me , hell he gave me away! He gave me
away because he thought that Master Onyx was more what I
needed because he is 4 hours from me . WTF !!!!!!! And now
these games I am so freaking tired of weak mean ruled by

Yes, weak mean controlled by their fear. I think Master
Cymric is afraid of me because he wants me and knows I
will never look back. He asked me to go toMSN and take his
tags back and I refused. He told me that day he was
walking away and didnt. Maybe, I will never understand
men , hell not like they understand me. (LMFA)

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