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2004-02-16 19:47:30 (UTC)

Chicken in a Biskit

Since my last entry, it seems I've been all over. Me,
Tate, Dana, Lyn, and Angel took yet another drive out to
Elerby, only this time we went in the daytime. Dana
stayed behind as the rest of us went in. Whoever owns
that old school had turned it into a barn of some sort, it
seemed. You couldn't walk 2 steps with out having cow
patty mushed between the grinds of your tennis shoes.
Yuck. Lyn became our mom in that she didn't want us going
inside because the ceilings were falling apart. We went
in anyway..sorry mom. We made our way around to the gym.
Just like the rumors told, the gym was burned. Now if
people were locked in there at the time it was burning, I
seriously doubt, but I guess it just makes it 'scarier'
going inside with that story in the back of your mind.
Well, in this case if somebody breathed wrong we jumped.
Dana suddenly was in view, yelling at us that a car had
driven by. It's funny that when you're a little spooked,
something someone says suddenly turns into the worst case
scenario. Dana yells "A car just drove by really fast"
and we take it as "Hurry up, a cop just drove by really
slow!!" So what do we do? Of course make a mad dash for
the car. Me being first in line suddenly turned into me
being last since my flashlight fell on the other side of
the fence when I was trying to crawl over. Isn't that so
typical? You're with friends, you have to go back because
you dropped something, your friends ditch you, and that's
when deutsch happens. Don't worry though. The ghost of
Elerby school didn't beat me up too bad.

This Valentine's day weekend, the softball team headed to
Houston to play in probably the coldest two games of my
life. We mauled Texas Southern 11-0 and 13-0 and
Prairieview 4-1 and 11-1. Our coach still wasn't
satisfied, and even gave us a "I'm glad we won, but I'm a
little disappointed in yall" speech. What makes Coach
Montgomery happy? I'm beginning to think only a
cheeseburger. So much for a great Valentine's day. I did
have a little date with God that day, which made it all
worth while. He makes a great Valentine. Plus, I ate a
whole box of Chicken in a Biskit and downed a bag of
twizzlers too. And don't give me any of that crap
about "wow, that's a lot, Micah." Let me set a box of
Chicken in a Biskits and a bag of twizzlers in front of
you and see if you won't eat all of that on a
boring round trip drive of 10 hours. I don't know how
many twizzlers I can fit in my mouth at one time, but let
me just say I know someone that can atleast fit 17 on a
bad day. Adios..

ps- mystery trash bag dropper #1: Second Floor fem-mullet