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2004-02-16 18:25:37 (UTC)

a good weekend

i haven't had one of those in a while. it started on
thursday. i had plans to go pick up a family friend that
was coming back from iraq. it was nice to be out and
about. didn't really do anything but drive. Friday- more
driving but it was a gorgeous day so i didn't mind. Picked
up Jo-Jo at Pope AFB. it was so great to see him. he had
lost alot of wight but other than that he looked like he
was in good spirits. we went to see his harley v-rod. paid
in full. it was like watching a kid on christmas morning.
the bike is BEAUTIFUL and i'm not really into bikes at
all. Overall the weekend was pretty lazy. There's nothing
like lounging around with people you care about and enjoy
being around.
Part of me wishes that i had been available to hang out
with Corey this weekend. he called me and asked if i
wanted to have lunch. by that time i was already too far
to make it. i actually can't wait to see him and hang out.
he's always been great to be around. I can't honestly say
that i do miss his company- there's truly no on like him
in the world. As soon as i can, i'm gonna go see him.
That's all there is to it!
I'm very proud of the progress that i've made as far as
my communication problems. its so hard but everyday
something new develops. Its exciting to say the least. the
only thing that i hate is that i tend to cry alot- if it
pertains to matters of the heart or deep rooted issues.
i'm sure that will pass with time. yay for progress!!!
overall...i feel really good. and its been a while since
i felt that way. things are definitely looking up-