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2004-02-16 17:41:50 (UTC)

Jew here

To begin with, this is me and sarahs journal, we were
bored and the titles will say whos writting what, im jew
no fuck and sarah is sarah, so ya....

V-day was awsome, Jenny came out YAY!! i went over to
Sarahs to meet her up and then we got Jenny and Caitlin
from the train station and then we went to Dana's, well
not Caitlin, well it was ehh at first no guys it sucked,
and then Sarah made us call Kyle back and made him come
over with his friends, we had sum vodka and so did kyle
and his friends, theres was fuckin good, ours was nasty as
fuck, o well, well Kyle brought over, Mike, Dan, Nate, and
Brian, it was 5 guys 4 girls, nothing wrong with that, all
at danas at like 9 o clock at night, oo ya!!! well we had
kyle chug down the vodka..well he chose too, n then we
played spin the bottle o la la.. lol it was great we
all had a grand ol' time there.. and all i have to say is
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!, my v-day would of been competely
different if something wouldnt of happned a few days b4,
lol thas not obvious lol