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2004-02-16 16:29:53 (UTC)

3nites ago

i got to feel his presence in my dream last nite.. i have
miss that greatly. and as before when he was amoung us he
was a soldier/warrier knite in shining armor. i can just
remember the battle between us and something that did not
exist when i awoke. and he took all that pain away and
killed the beast. somehow im not sure how he was able to
take the membrain out of the central nerves system and the
beast died. he tossed it to us as if telling us that is
how you handle the situation. as once before graceful and
quietly his point was reached. then before my mind could
recolect his presence flew away. leaving my meemaw in
tears of how he had come again to give her company and
teach her grandkids how to live mighty. here in reality i
know she awaits for the time she can hold his hand again..
which brings uden saddness upon me but i know when that
time come we will all be burried in great tears but happy
that they can be together once again.