DayDream Believer
2004-02-16 13:43:52 (UTC)

Letter hate-ers?

Tommy stil havent opend the last letter, the puzzle letter.
I made him a new one on Valentines day. I knew I didnt have
to, he hates it, think its just an american thing, says its
stupid and so on..
I`ve tryed to tell him that its not american, but Irich I
think, and that its a Catholic thing. He knows I loves
I made him a card this year to, I had to work this day and
he was going to by wheels to his car. At his birthday I
promised him that I would by to as a gift. So I but the
monny in a envelope with the valentines card and placed it
on the bathroom when I left.

When one of us goes the other one get up from the bed to
say (and kiss, and hug) goodbye. So I closed the door so he
would not see it until I was gone.
He has been working a lot lately and was verry tired, so I
knew he would seep for a long time. But he was going to get
up at 12. I was looking at the phone all the time at work,
hoping to get a thank you message, but didnt.
I feelt it would be a nice thing to get.
I told him that I would be finish from work later then I
was, so I could by him a present as well. I had seen a Hugo
Boss singlet. He is soooooooooooo sexy in singlets, or at
least I think so, he dont.
But they where out of his size, and I didnt by anything.
Then I meet Tommy in town, he didnt say thank you then
eather, we went to get something to eat. I asked if we had
to fill up the thank with gass on his grandmas car, and he
said we did and that he had been paying som bills and that
the wheels he chosen (Brigestone) was verry verry
expencive. I said but you got monny from me, and he said
I asked didnt you see the envelope on the bathroom mirrior?
He didn, but he didnt oped it...
I was a bit sad about that, do I mean so little fro him?

Then I went back to his place to shower and he went to his
grandmothers to borrow her car and to his mother tp pick up
his little sister.
He came down to the appartment and asked if I was ready to
go, I was and asked if he wanted to open his letter now?
He didnt and I said well, the I trow it in the garbage. He
didnt want that eather, and said he would bring it with him.
Then we took the car, Emma and our self home to my parents.
I was babysitting my goodchild, princess and their older
sister. Emma was with us. And (for once) she was really
You could see on her face, she was having a big smile there
all the time, that she was happy and she didnt start
anything of those things she usally do..
We didnt put the children in bed before eleven! She id four
years old and hade been up since 06! Exept from a 15 min
nap in he car. She normally goes to bed 18.30, sometimes

Me and Tommy was tired, I had been up early to go to work
and he had been working to much all week. So we feelt
asleep on the sofa. The parents called and Tommy picked
they at about 03.
The next morning Emma was awake at 08!!! Oh no, I had
promised Tommy that since he is so tired afther all the
work and need to relex, I would get up with her. But I
thought that since she had been awake so much longer than
normal, she would also sleep longer.
I made her breakfast, found some things she could play with
and put on the telly. (three things at once should keep her
Then I said that Tommy was afraid of Trolls, she said there
are only Trolls in America (haha) and I said no, there are
no trolls at all, but Tommy dossnt think so. So I had to
get down and comfort him while she was watching Noddy and
all the other stupid things children like in these days.
I took my arms around him and we sleept for a nother to
hours, it was great!
My mother and sister had got up and was talking to Emma.
Then me, Emma and Tommy went for a litte walk with my dog.
I could see that someone was at my grandmothers place ann I
went in so check on it.
I was my cousin, he had been taking his little doughter for
a walk and ended up here.
She was born before her time, and was only 7 weeks old, so
she was verry little!
Her diaper was weet and she was crying, he told me that she
had this baby disease that hurt so the babys are cryting, I
dont know the english word for it, I had the same thing as
a baby.
He tryed to comfort her, the babys mother was on her way in
the car with a new diaper. I asked if I could hold her, and
he let me. She was so small, and sweet. Im verry used to
children, but must addmit uts been a while since a sutch
small one has been in my arms. But I stil got my talent, I
made her stop crying:-)
I think my cousin was glad, he was verry sweet to her, but
I think he treataed her a weird way. I first thoght maybe
it was because he`s not used to children, but then later I
thought that maybe I was to afraid of her sice and to
carefull, and that he know his child and know how much she
can take? Well, I duno.

I knocked on the window to get Tommy and Emma inside, but
thet didnt come, I was disapointed baceuse I wanted him to
share the special moment with me. He loves little babygirls
But he later told me that he didnt think he could leave my
dog alone outside, since shes a sheap dog and ours sheaps
had was lose. They had escaped from the fence.

Then Karoline was watching Emma while me and Tommy took my
mothers car to pick up Grace. I have just got my drivers
license and was glad Tommy came with me. The little trip
went all right. Im verry scared of driving you see. It was
the first time I drove with Tommy in the car ever, and he
was a nice pasanger. I have mostly been driving with my
driving teacher, but also with my mother.

Then we took his grandmas card back, Emma feelt asleep in
the car, I had been saying all thay that if she did I would
take a nidlee and picch her all the time, she had all
morning to sleep on, but didnt!
But there was nothing to do about it. We had to fill tha
gass tank on the car, I brugh myself an icecream and Tommy
a choclate. It took us back to the driving spirit from last
We`re bouth looking forward to getting his car back on the
road agen.
We had a verry nice weekend together, it ended last night
in beed... We`re so right for each other. He read the
letter while he was getting Emma to bed. And told me the
reason he didnt do it before was bacause he knew it only
would say the same things as last year. Valentines day
didnt mean anything to him.
So maybe hes a card hater or something, sometimes I get
hurt of him, but sometimes I hurt him to. The important
thing is that we know that we`re right for eachother, and
we do;-)

Love Angel

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