pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2004-02-16 11:53:07 (UTC)


I feel myself falling into a deep world
i'm penetrating deeper into isolation.
i want to feel warmth
i want to feel love
it's coming in all directions
i can see them.
offers of life and wonder how to give it up.
"High and Dry"
abandoned, stranded, washed up, In A Helpless Situation.
i just want to be free.
no more imaginary thoughts of a perfect love.
the delight that i fear to look for.
i want nothing more than to find.
but i am not ready for such a delight.
being alone and away is what i deseire.
to rid of my pain.
find out what it is--that enticing feature i poses...
let it call out to whom it belongs with
let him come to me
and let him end my continuous lust for a companion.