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2004-02-16 07:09:39 (UTC)


2day was iight..i woke up was lazy the i was lazy..o ya
then i got lazier but my mom made me do chorez!!! :0 !o
well..i get a call 4rm buuha & he wanted 2 talk cuz he was
depressed so we talked on our way 2 smiths..interesting
conversation..so we get 2 smiths & guess wut!! i bought
SUSHI!!YUM YUM!!lol..we danced 2 music in the store for
like a half an hour...until all of a sudden blain shows up
right behind us!!aaaaaah how embarrasing!!lol!so we went 2
hollywood video & looked 4 a while...i called lessa & told
her bout this guy named alex worx there wow!!!id rape that
guy...ooops!lol!then we went 2 blaines..it was kool..keep
it on the DL but blaine likes anothergurl..NOT ALEX!!o
geez!!ne wayz,we chilled there 4 a while..& mike ended up
comin..he started jumpin on everything..noing mike...but
ya..i called julian again & OMG MY best friend from like 5
yrs. called me outa the middle of no where..holy shit i was
like wow!!!but it was kool...i ate alot 2nite again,i
grubbed on a donut!!yayaa!!alex came over..4 sum reason she
asked me 2 b her lezbian lover..haha i was like wtf!!NAW IM
GOOD!!lol!!scott kept flirtin w/ blaine rubbin his hands
all over his bak!! haha wow buddha!!nuthin else
happened...then we went home..& here i am & these stupid
pop ups keep comin up & ima bout 2 kill my computer!
AAAAAAAAAAAH hi lessa how r u bud!!??