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2004-02-16 06:59:35 (UTC)


lets see,this is gunna b hella long!!lets start out by
sayin IM SINGLE AGAIN!!me & jay broke up over an
argument,stupid!!well that day i talked 2 ray & he said hes
gunna cook me dinner 4 valentines day,WHOO!!yayaa!!well
valentines day comes up, & i get all weird about it...i
called lessa & she said wut r u wearing...wow i didnt
really think about that lol...she said wear a skirt WTF IS
WRONG W/ U!!i didnt no wut the f*** 2 wear!!so i said ok
ill jus go as whatever...so i get a ride 4rm my step dad 2
rayz house cuz i was bein LAZY ZEE :)!so i get there & hes
wearing the cutest out fit...& his hair was adorable!!i
felt outa place cuz he was dressed up so i said "plz change
into sumthin normal,cuz i feel stupid"lol...so we sat in
his room & talked 4 a while..interesting cuz i was bein
shy...uh oh!!after he showed me a kizzilion pix on the
computer 4rm last yr. wow it made me sad cuz everyone used
2 b hella close & now there split up!!damn...then he set up
the table & was romantic by drinkin mountain dew haha,OMG!!
I ATE GOAT!!AAAAAAAAAAH!he said eat it & swallow it & ill
tell u what it iz after so i did...& god...it was weird,but
it was good as hell..it taste like beef!yum!after that we
went 2 his rrom & chilled till lessa & mike were done
watchin the movie ;) ya they were watchin the movie
alright!!haha j/k lessa!so the call & say come over...so we
headed over there & guess wut they were watchin CARTOONZ!!!
yayaa!!haha it was kool..sum how they ended up on the
floor..how the f*** did that happen lol...haha they looked
like they were F******* wow!!I got 2 eat sum pie..it was
good,it had coconut in it,it made my mouth num cuz it was
cold...then i look over & i c mike about 2 hit lessa in the
ass...y didnt she move when she saw him in the mirror
WEIRDO!!haha she ended up pullin a knife & a fork on
him...lessa u shoulda went w/ the pickle plan!!afterwards i
went upstairs 2 call my baby julian...i love that kid!sum
how when we talk we end up talkin bout SEX!!lol...& the
afterwards i went downstairs & mike took me & lessa home,i
had fun!! im sure u did 2 lessa ;)!!o yaaaaaaaa fuckin A im
never goin shoppin 4 a guy again!!

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