Loser In The Making
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2004-02-15 23:31:52 (UTC)

so confused

i dont know what to believe.. people that arent even
friends are telling me that samantha has been lying to me..
and i just.. grr... im so confused i dont know what to do
tomarrow.. i hope goping to my gramma and grandpas will
help me out just a little.. i really do hope... :( but i
doubt it.. i nee to talk to christina.. ask her what i
should believe.. shes like become my best friend this
weekend.. i hung out with her from friday to today.. and
right when i get back from my grandmas and grandpas i am
gonna call her.. right when i walk through the front door :-
p hehe.... :( grrrrrrrr i jsut dont know what to do.. if
any one out there can help me... please IM me if you have
aol or aim.... *aim screen name* Pissedgirl1412.... *msn
email thingy* [email protected] thanks.

Your Boo.

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